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The French word "lingerie"describes charming and trendy undergarments of women. It encompasses a wide variety of garments such as bustier, garters, belts, black stockings, teddies etc. The aim of introducing sexy lingerie by the makers was to attract those women who want intimate underwear to charm their partners in the confines of their bedroom. Ever since its introduction, innovation has known no bounds and the variety of lingerie has grown exponentially. However, choosing the right sexy lingerie is not that easy as it appears.

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Here are some things to consider while choosing one for yourself: 1. Choose the color carefully: It is recommended to choose the color very carefully and consider your skin tone, hair and eye color and the clothes that you intend to wear over it. A poor selection of color can ruin the entire scene that was intended to be sexy. For instance, if you have golden skin tone and red hair, the best colors to match will be golden, beige or camel. The occasion also dictates the color of the sheer lingerie . A valentine day surprise has to be definitely in red or pink. Black lingerie is preferred by many since it complements most formal dresses and occasions.

2. Body Shape: Another thing to take care of while selecting sexy lingerie is the body shape. If there is a body shape and lingerie mismatch, then the lingerie does not remain sexy at all. For example, a full length robe is not meant to cover shapely and long legs, a great bust should be highlighted by a peek-a-boo bra or pasties, waist clinchers or a sexy magnificence corset shall be used on a straight up and down figure. Lingerie wisely chosen can hide body imperfections to a large extent and make even plus size figures attractive. Anything that you feel comfortable sneaking into is the best choice.

3. Size: Too tight or too loose lingerie can be a disaster. It is important to measure yourself accurately as lingerie UK stores would not allow you to try the garment. It is extremely important to know your sizes to get the best fitting sexy lingerie as lingerie that fits you the best, becomes sexy on its own.

4. Look: Decide the look that you are looking for. The styles available in lingerie UK stores are endless ranging from modest to raunchy and all that lies in between these two adjectives. It is wise to pick up lingerie that suits your personality and does not make you feel like someone you are not. It would surely not be a wise idea to go in for pasties or other sensual leather vinyl Lingerie that would make you hide in a corner instead of ravishing your partner in the bedroom.

5. Fabric: Do look out for the right fabric wool, knitting, crocheting, cotton, spandex that you wish to go for. Season of the year and skin types dictate the fabric to a large extent. Mood and occasion determine the fabric too. Example, PVC can be non-stretchy and uncomfortable on some skin types while nylon lace and fishnet can be more see through than others. The idea is that it is you who has to feel sexy in sexy lingerie. Confidently adorned lingerie is a huge turn on and is one of the most attractive qualities of a woman. What is most important is that you feel confident and good in whatever sexy lingerie that you slip into to have a fun night.

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